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CNG Feature Auction 126

Lot nuber 937

Aelia Verina. Augusta, AD 457-484. AV Solidus (20.5mm, 4.48 g, 6h). Constantinople mint, 9th officina. Struck under Leo I, AD 457-circa 468. Near EF.

CNG Feature Auction 126
Lot: 937.
 Estimated: $ 15 000

The Family of Constantine Collection, Coin-in-Hand Video, Gold

Sold For $ 27 500. This amount does not include the buyer’s fee.

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Aelia Verina. Augusta, AD 457-484. AV Solidus (20.5mm, 4.48 g, 6h). Constantinople mint, 9th officina. Struck under Leo I, AD 457-circa 468. Pearl-diademed and draped bust right, wearing earring and necklace; being crowned by manus Dei above / Victory standing left, holding long jeweled cross; star to right; Θ//CONOB. RIC X 607; Depeyrot 93/2; Biaggi –. Lightly toned, reverse die shift. Near EF. Very rare issue. Extremely rare in this officina. This coin is one of five cited in Depeyrot’s 2004 corpus (Depeyrot cites six examples; however, this coin is cited twice in two separate entries). Three of the five examples are in museum collections. This coin is one of two in private hands.

From the Family of Constantine Collection, assembled with guidance by Roland Michel, Geneva. Ex Numismatica Ars Classica 23 (19 March 2002), lot 1725; Numismatic Fine Arts VI (27 February 1979), lot 985; Leu 15 (4 May 1976), lot 432; Dr. H. Longuet Collection (Platt, 17 March 1970), lot 279.

Aelia Verina, the wife of Leo I, had an extraordinary personal history. She was engaged in numerous plots both for and against her various relatives in numerous intrigues either to control the succession or seize the throne. From the limited historical sources available, Verina appears to have been the consummate imperial schemer who regularly instigated and switched sides in deadly dynastic disputes. She notably conspired after the death of her husband Leo I against her son-in-law, the Isaurian Zeno, who became emperor after the death of his son (Verina’s grandson), Leo II. During the short reign of Leo II, the young ruler raised his father to the rank of co-augustus alongside him. But upon Leo II’s untimely death, Verina took part in a conspiracy in which her brother Basiliscus successfully usurped the lawful emperor Zeno. The deposed emperor escaped the capital with his wife and fled to his native region of Isauria. This conspiracy, however, ultimately failed and Zeno orchestrated a successful return to power. Zeno’s second reign lasted another fifteen years until his death in AD 491. However, his second reign was not without incident. Verina, not dissuaded, emerged again in AD 484 for one last intrigue against her son-in-law, this time conspiring with the general Illus (who was also an Isaurian soldier). Zeno crushed the revolt, and Verina died during the siege of Papyrius, the last holdout of the rebel forces.

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