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This list contains all errata & addenda for CNG 117. All changes will be made to the respective lot descriptions on our website, Additions to this list will be made as required – please periodically check our website for further changes.

Lot 27: Purchased by the consignor from Marc Walter Ancient Coins (VCoins), 27 May 2010. Reportedly ex Dr. Hartmann Collection.
Lot 62: Ex Triton V (15 January 2002), lot 1321.
Lot 228: Withdrawn.
Lot 338: Withdrawn.
Lot 344: Tetradrachm. Small chip at edge on reverse.
Lot 459: Rotated double strike on obverse, two shallow test cuts on edge.
Lot 742: Withdrawn, pending further research.
Lot 910: Holed and plugged on edge at 12 and 6 o’clock.
Lot 913: Strike second sentence in note.
Lot 919: Comes with ANACS photo certificate no: F-4477-W, graded EF45/45.
Lot 980: Classic (Trinovantian X) type. Allen, Cunobelin, Classic Series A; Van Arsdell 2025-1; ABC 2795; SCBC 288.
Lot 1010: Also ex E. M. H. Norweb (Part 3, Spink 56, 19 November 1986) lot 866, purchased from A. H. Baldwin’s, April 1957; R. C. Lockett (English Part II, Glendining, 11 October 1956), lot 1340; W. Talbot Ready (Sotheby, Wilkinson & Hodge, 15 November 1920), lot 366.
Lot 1052: AR 5 Shillings – Crown. Host coin is a full ecu, not a half. See online description for corrected references.
Lot 1060: Obverse legend should read ÐYFLNI, not ÐYFNI.
Lot 1061: Obverse legend should read DYFLNII, not DYFNI.