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This list contains all errata & addenda for CNG 118. All changes will be made to the respective lot descriptions on our website, Additions to this list will be made as required – please periodically check our website for further changes.

Lot 56: Ex Coin Galleries (18 December 2007), lot 58.
Lot 333: Ex Classical Numismatic Group 94 (18 September 2013), lot 702.
Lot 406: Coin is an obol.
Lot 849: Coin is of Elagabalus, dated CY 19. See online description for changes.
Lot 1144: Withdrawn.
Lot 1145: Withdrawn.
Lot 1146: Withdrawn.
Lot 1147: Withdrawn.
Lot 1149: Withdrawn.
Lot 1152: Withdrawn.
Lot 1153: Withdrawn.
Lot 1154: Withdrawn.
Lot 1156: Withdrawn.
Lot 1157: Withdrawn.
Lot 1185: Carthage mint, dated IY 3 (539/40). DOC 277c; MIBE 254; SB 250.
Lot 1186: Lightly clipped.
Lot 1266: Coin also was lightly wiped, and has edge marks and bumps.
Lot 1283: Attribution corrected, with numerous changes. See online description for changes.
Lot 1302: Coin is past NGC certification expiration date for bronze coins, and has been resubmitted for recertification.
Lot 1425: Dated circa 900-600 BC, not 2nd millenium BC.