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783951. Sold For $2500

JUDAEA, First Jewish War. 66-70 CE. AR Shekel (22mm, 13.19 g, 12h). Dated year 3 (68/9 CE). "Shekel of Israel," Omer cup with pearled rim; date above / "Jerusalem the Holy," sprig of three pomegranates. Meshorer 202; Hendin 662. EF, attractive dark gray toning.

From the Semon Lipcer Collection.

Struck during the Jewish War against Rome, which lasted for at least part of five calendar years, these silver Shekels demonstrate a separation from Roman authority. Unlike Roman coins, they bore no human portrait, in order to keep the commandment that “thou shalt not make a graven image....” Legends were written in the language of Jews, Hebrew. Important religious imagery was the central design on either side; namely, the Omer cup, which held the “first fruits,” the measure of barley during Passover, and the sprig of three pomegranates, used as decoration on many religiously significant items.