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143, Lot: 350. Estimate $300.
Sold for $366. This amount does not include the buyer’s fee.

[Roman Imperial] Lot of twelve ROMAN Middle Bronzes. Lot includes: Trajan. 98-117 AD. Æ As. Laureate head right / Victory left carrying shield. RIC II 402 // Same. RIC II 434 // Same. Æ Dupondius. Radiate head right, drapery on left shoulder / Abundantia seated left. RIC II 428; BMCRE 749 // Same. RIC II 428 var. (no drapery and one cornucopiae incomplete); cf. BMCRE 749 // Same. Æ As. Laureate and draped bust right / Victory walking right. RIC II 594 var. (with aegis) // Hadrian. 117-138 AD. Æ As. Laureate bust right, drapery on left shoulder / Pietas standing left. RIC II 579a // Same. Laureate head right / Annona standing left. RIC II 796a // Antoninua Pius. 138-161 AD, Æ Dupondius. Radiate head right / Providentia standing left. RIC II -; BMCRE p. 336 note ++; C. 278 // Same(!) // Diva Faustina Senior. Died 141 AD. Æ As or Dupondius. Veiled and draped bust right / Crescent and (7) stars. RIC II 1199b (Antoninus Pius) // Faustina Junior. Æ As or Dupondius. Augusta 147-175/6. Draped bust left / Juno seated left, holding patera in which are three vertical sticks (the three graces?) Cf. RIC II 1400 (Antoninus Pius) var. (head right); cf BMCRE p. 380 [[ note; cf. C. 128 // Diva Faustina Junior. Æ As. draped bust right / Crescent and (7) stars. RIC II 1714 (Marcus Aurelius). Twelve (12) Roman bronzes in lot. Coins average Fair-VF; green or brown patinas, some with surfaces a little rough; the Diva Faustina Senior has a repaired hole. LOT SOLD AS IS, NO RETURNS.