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770546. Sold For $975

Mark Antony. 32-31 BC. AR Legionary Denarius (17mm, 3.45 g, 5h). Patrae(?) mint. Galley right / LEG VI, legionary aquila between two standards. Crawford 544/19; CRI 356; Sydenham 1223; RSC 33. EF, attractive gray toning, a tiny contact mark below “T” on the obverse, a very faint scratch on the upper reverse. Wonderful strike on both sides.

Raised in 52 BC by Caesar in Cisalpine Gaul, the legio VI Ferrata served with him in Spain and at Pharsalus, Alexandria, and Zela. Released in 47 AD, it was again recalled, serving at Munda in 45 BC. Reconstituted by Lepidus in 44 BC, it served under Antony at Philippi and the East, participating in the triumvir's Parthian campaign.