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765663. Sold For $695

INDIA, Princely States. Tripura. Vijaya Manikya. Circa 1532-1564. AR Tanka (24mm, 10.53 g, 6h). Dated Saka Era 1482 (1560 AD). Ardhanarishvara seated facing on lion and bull; "Saka" to left; 1482 in exergue / "Lakshya Snayi/Sri Sri Tripura Na/hesh Vijaya Mani/kya Deva Sri Lakshmi/Rani Devyah" in five lines across fields. Tripura 116; KM 67. EF. Rare.

This coin commemorates a ritual bath that Vijaya Manikya took in the river Lakhi, a brach of the Brahmaputra, apparently undertaken during a raid into Muslim territory.