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765645. Sold For $975

[Ancient] INDIA, Guptas. Narasinhagupta I. Circa 414-455 AD. AV Dinar (20mm, 9.57 g, 12h). Archer type. Narasinhagupta, nimbate, standing left, holding arrow and bow; to left, Garuda standard behind; "Gre" in Sanskrit between feet, "Nara" to inner right / The goddess Lakshmi, nimbate, seated facing on lotus, holding diadem and lotus; tamgha to left; "Valaditya" in Sanskrit to right. Cf. BMC Guptas 558-560; G. M. Browne, "New Readings of Legends on Gupta Gold Dinaras," AJN 5-6, 4 (this coin); Altekar class I B, pl. XV, 1; Bayana p. 310, 5; MACW 4919. EF. Exceptional for issue.

Ex The Skanda Collection (Spink-Taisei 9, 20 February 1991), lot 153.