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Sale: Triton IX, Lot: 0. Estimate $0. 
Closing Date: Monday, 9 January 2006. 
Bidding Closed. 


This list contains all errata & addenda for Triton IX. All changes will be made to the respective lot descriptions on our website, Additions to this list will be made as required – please periodically check our website for further changes.

Corrections to BCD Catalog:
Lot 165: In note: 460ff not 461ff
Lot 205: In note: tritetartemorion not trihemitetartemorion
Lot 219: In note: tritetartemorion not trihemitetartemorion
Lot 225: In note: tritetartemorion not trihemitetartemorion
Lot 242: In note: 610 not 616; 4th line: 606 not 605; last line: 629q not 628.17
Lot 269: In note: 606 not 605; 610 not 616
Lot 307: In note: 269 not 268; 606 not 605; 4th line: 629q not 628.17
Lot 311: Estimate is $150
Lot 415: Ethnic has standard, not archaic theta
Lot 446: Tritetartemorion not Trihemiobol
Lot 447: Tritetartemorion not Trihemiobol; in note: tritetartemorion not trihemiobol
Lot 452: In note: tritetartemorion not trihemiobol
Lot 610: In note: 629q not 628.17
Lot 628: Coin (r): Tritetartemorion not trihemiobol

Corrections to printed BCD Catalog pages:
Page 9: 4th para., 2nd line: 250 not 249
Page 41: In note on Koroneia, 1st para.: Khaironeia not Chaironea
Page 42: In note on Lebadeia, 1st para.: Lebadeia not Lebedeia
Page 127: Dewing: Hurter not Hirter; Myron Hoard: Καρδιτσης not Καρδιτησης
Page 128: Last line: Hurter not Hirter
Page 129: Bérend: grèc not grècques
Page 130: Svoronos: corr. title - Θησαυρος νομισματων εκ του χωριου Μυρου Καρδιτσης της Θεσσαλιας

Corrections to regular catalog:
Lot 639: Pannonian; Davis Class B/1
Lot 676: AR Drachm (4.42 g, 4h)
Lot 679: Not from the Sullivan collection, but remainder of pedigree is correct
Lot 687: McClean reference is erroneous
Lot 690: Coin is of Himera
Lot 753: Pedigree incorrect, should read: Ex R.C. Lockett Collection (Glendining, 12-13 February 1958), lot 1333
Lot 805: Note is incorrect (not a lifetime issue); see online version for correct note.
Lot 813: Shallow cut along center of obverse
Lot 836: Withdrawn; modern forgery
Lot 900: Withdrawn; modern cast forgery
Lot 915: Reverse type is nymph's head right
Lot 1013: Same obverse die as Meydancikkale 2985
Lot 1118: Coin is NI not Æ
Lot 1176: Estimate is $2500
Lot 1200: Estimate is $20,000
Lot 1214: Ex Bellaria Collection (Classical Numismatic Group 66, 19 May 2004), lot 851
Lot 1228: Description is incorrect, see online version for corrections
Lot 1242: Withdrawn; modern forgery
Lot 1344: From the John F. Sullivan Collection, not the Harry Strickhausen Collection
Lot 1506: Withdrawn; obverse legend re-engraved
Lot 1534: Withdrawn; reverse legend re-engraved
Lot 1611: Struck 430-455 AD; RIC X 2018
Lot 1912: Davenport 5603
Lot 1945: Withdrawn; modern forgery
Lot 2079: In an NGC slab graded AU 58
Lot 2380: Description is incorrect, see online version for corrections