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Sale: Triton IX, Lot: 1301. Estimate $300. 
Closing Date: Monday, 9 January 2006. 
Sold For $250. This amount does not include the buyer’s fee.

[Roman Moneyer Issues] L. Cassius Longinus. 63 BC. AR Denarius (3.87 g, 4h). Rome mint. Veiled and draped bust of Vesta left; L below chin, kylix (two-handled cup) behind / LONGIN. III. [V] to right, togate voter standing left, dropping tablet marked V (Uti rogas) into cista at left. Crawford 413/1; Sydenham 935; Kestner 3407 var. (letter below chin); BMCRR Rome 3931-3932; Cassia 10. EF, light gray and iridescent toning. ($300)

From the Harry Strickhausen Collection.

In 137 BC L. Cassius Ravilla proposed a method of voting, known as the Lex Cassia Tabellaria. The reverse celebrates and commemorates that proposal becoming law.