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Sale: Triton VIII, Lot: 685. Estimate $15000. 
Closing Date: Monday, 10 January 2005. 
Sold For $26000. This amount does not include the buyer’s fee.

ANCIENT. INDIA, Kushans. Huvishka I. Circa 152-192 AD. AV Dinar (7.92 gm, 12h). FAONANOFAO O-OHFKI KOFANO, crowned and diademed bust left on clouds, flames over right shoulder, holding mace sceptre in his right hand, sword hilt in left / OMMO to left, OHFO on right, Uma standing right, holding lotus flower(?) in her right hand, facing Shiva, nimbate and with four arms, standing facing, holding thunderbolt in upper right hand, flask in lower right, trident in upper left, and horns of goat, that stands to right, in lower left; tamgha between. MK 310 (same dies); Donum Burns -; MACW -. Good VF, reverse double-struck. Extremely rare, the second known example (the other, cited by Göbl, is in the British Museum). ($15,000)

Uma is the consort of Siva, and is known only from the Rabatak inscription. Her appearance is extremely rare throughout Indian numismatics, and this coin type is the sole representation of her upon a Kushan coin.