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194604. Sold For $695

CELTIC, Northern Gaul (Comata). Ambiani. Circa 60-30/25 BC. AV Stater (17mm, 5.49 gm). Uniface type. Plain bulge / Disjointed horse right; crescent and four pellets in arc above, two of the pellets join another to form a lambda-like ornament; S ornament, crescent and pellet below. Cf. D&T Series 40, 242/244 (obv./rev.); cf. Scheers Series 24, class IV/V (obv./rev.); Van Arsdell 87-1 var. (monogram on obverse); SCBC 13 var. (same). Good VF.

This cross-channel "uniface" type has a reverse that is only known on coins bearing a monogram on the obverse. Either this is a transitional type spanning the blank and monogram obverses, the monogram has worn off the coin (or the die), or it is an engraver's error.