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254080. Sold For $395

THESSALY. Rhodian Mercenaries. Circa 172-168 BC. AR Drachm (15mm, 2.54 gm). Magistrate Hermias. Facing head of Helios / Rose; I-W flanking, ERMIAS above. Price, Larissa pg. 241; SNG Helsinki 795. Toned EF.

This type is apparently one of a number of issues struck for Perseus during the Third Macedonian War as payment for mercenaries who required Rhodian coinage. Price has suggested that the Zo... which replaces the Rhodian ethnic on this issue may be the patronymic of the named issuer, Hermias, and indeed we know of a Hermias son of Zoilos at exactly this period, a man who came from Oropos and was Hieromnemon at Delphi in 178 BC. Zoilos himself may also be the same man whose name appears below the portrait of Perseus on his early tetradrachms, and whose monogram continues to appear on Perseus' coinage for much of the period of the full weight issues.