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151607. Sold For $895

CARIA, Stratonikeia. Caracalla, with Plautilla. 198-217 AD. Æ 37mm (21.22 gm). Struck 202-205 AD. Tiberius Claudius Dionysius, magistrate. AV KAI M AVP AN KAI QE CEB NE PLAUTILLA, Laureate, draped bust of Caracalla facing diademed and draped bust of Plautilla; c/m's: helmeted head of Athena right in incuse circle, QEOY in incuse rectangle / EPI TON PER TB KL DI[ONU CION] CTPATONIKEIWN, Zeus Panamaros on horseback right, holding transverse sceptre and approaching flaming altar. BMC Caria pg. 158, 65 (obv) / 66 (rev); Howgego 188 and 536 (for countermarks). Near EF for type, red-brown patina.

The unusual reverse legend translates as "in the year of the magistracy of Tiberius Claudius Dionysius and his collegues".