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151339. Sold For $135

MAGNENTIUS. 350-353 AD. Æ 21mm (5.86 gm). Imitation of Lugdunum (Lyon) mint. D N MAGNENTI-VS P F AVG, rosette-diademed, draped, and cuirassed bust right / FELICITA-S REIPVBLICE, Magnentius standing left, holding Victory and labarum; PLG. Cf. RIC VIII 109; cf. Bastien 151a. Good VF, dark green patina.

There are three unusual characteristics indicate that this coin is certainly an imitation: the unpublished obverse and reverse legend breaks, the atypical form of mintmark (Bastien 151a notwithstanding), and irregular style (particularly the neckline of Magnentius' portrait). Imitations of Magnentius' bronze are common, but the die workmanship of this particular specimen is superior.