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151182. Sold For $695

SPAIN, Emporium (Untikesken). Circa mid 2nd century BC. Æ Unit (31mm, 23.23 gm). Helmeted head of Athena right / Pegasos right, head in the form of the river-god Chrysaor, 'untikesken' in Iberian below. CNH pg. 146, 36; cf. SNG BM Spain 509; SNG Copenhagen 647 var. (wreath). Nice VF, dark green patina, small flan flaw at edge on obverse.

Ex Sternberg 13 (17-18 November 1983), lot 5.

The river-god Chrysaor was a local diety whose figure appears as the head of the Pegasos in both the silver and bronze series at Emporium. On this specimen, the figure is exceptionally clear; the diety appears seated, with legs stretched-out before him, one arm placed behind (as if holding onto the head of Pegasos, and the other arm stretched-out towards his feet. The reason for the figure's appearance is uncertain, and it may actually be some other diety or personification.