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Ex Armand Trampitsch Collection

5661289. SOLD $14500

KINGS of MACEDON. Alexander I. 498-454 BC. AR Tetradrachm (26mm, 13.09 g, 9h). Aigai mint(?). Struck circa 476/5-460/50 BC. Warrior, wearing kausia, holding two spears in left hand and rein in right, on horseback right / Forepart of goat right in linear square within incuse square. Raymond 60 (A15/P13); AMNG III/2, 33; SNG ANS 24; SNG Alpha Bank 45; Weber 2017 (same dies). Old collection tone, a few minor deposits, slightly weak strike on reverse. Good VF. Rare.

Ex Tradart (12 December 1991), lot 88; Armand Trampitsch Collection (Vinchon, 13 November 1986), lot 129.