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THRACE, Maroneia. Circa 365-330s BC. AR Stater (23mm, 11.02 g, 7h). Persic standard. Neomenio–, magistrate. Bridled horse rearing left; above, facing boukranion with fillet hanging from each horn / Grape arbor in linear square; EΠI NE[O]-MH-NIO around; all within shallow incuse square. Schönert-Geiss Period VIII, 431.6 (V13/R18) = West 104d = Jameson 2018 (this coin); HGC 3, 1533; SNG Copenhagen 605 (same dies); SNG Lockett 1197 = Pozzi 1048 (same dies). Attractive old cabinet tone, traces of find patina, a few faint scratches under tone, some scrapes and minor test cut on edge. EF.

Ex Münzen und Medaillen AG XIX (5 June 1959), lot 357; Robert Jameson Collection (publ. 1932).