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SICILY, Syracuse. Fifth Democracy. 214-212 BC. AR 12 Litrai (25mm, 10.18 g, 6h). Head of Athena left, wearing single-pendant earring, necklace, aegis, and crested Corinthian helmet decorated with coiled serpent on the bowl / Artemis standing left, drawing bow; at side, hound springing left; ΞA to left, ΣYPAKOΣI[ΩN] to right. Burnett, Enna 21 (dies 8/n); BAR Issue 84; HGC 2, 1412; SNG Copenhagen 878 (same obv. die); SNG Delepierre 713 (same obv. die); McClean 2957 (same dies). Deep old iridescent tone, a few marks at edge, hairlines on obverse. Near EF.