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Ex Trampisch Collection – Pedigreed to 1905


SICILY, Messana. 412-408 BC. AR Tetradrachm (25.5mm, 17.30 g, 8h). Charioteer, holding kentron in right hand and reins in both, driving slow biga of mules left; above, Nike flying right, crowning charioteer with wreath held in right hand and fillet in left; in exergue, two dolphins confronted / Hare springing left; above, dove flying left; below, grain ear left; MEΣΣANIΩN in exergue. Caltabiano Series XVA, 624.2 (D223/R250 – this coin); HGC 2, 801; SNG Fitzwilliam 1081 (same dies); Davis 40 (same dies). Attractive old collection tone, minor scuff at edge on obverse, a little die wear and a few faint scratches on reverse. Good VF. A coin of considerable splendor, with a distinguished pedigree.

Ex Tradart (16 November 1995), lot 21; Armand Trampisch Collection (Vinchon, 13 November 1986), lot 71; J. Hirsch XIV (27 November 1905), lot 187.