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APULIA, Luceria. Circa 211-200 BC. Æ Quincunx (26.5mm, 15.45 g, 12h). Head of Athena right, wearing crested Italo-Corinthian helmet; ••••• (mark of value) above / Wheel with eight spokes, L-O-V-C-E-R-I between spokes. HN Italy 678; SNG ANS 699–703. Dark green patina, with light earthen dusting. Good VF. An excellent example for this scarce type.

Luceria was founded by the Daunians, a native Italic people, and became an ally of Rome during the Samnite Wars of the later fourth century BC. It tended to follow Rome in its coinage, introducing a range of large cast Aes Grave pieces circa 275 BC and switching to smaller struck bronze coins after Rome reformed its system in 211 BC. Luceria’s civic coins were struck in different denominations based upon the Italic uncia then used in the Roman denominational system, so they could be used externally.