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5636901. SOLD $675

Anonymous. After 211 BC. AR Denarius (21mm, 3.28 g, 9h). Unmarked series. Rome mint. Head of Roma right, wearing winged helmet ornamented with griffin’s head and the visor in three pieces, single-pendant earring, and pearl necklace; X (mark of value) to left / The Dioscuri, each holding couched spear in right hand, and wearing chlamys, cuirass, and pileus surmounted by star, on horseback riding right; ROMA in partial linear frame in exergue. Crawford 53/2; Sydenham 229; RSC –; BMCRR Rome –; cf. Kestner 480–2; RBW 194. Lightly toned, minor edge deposits and roughness, reverse off center, obverse die flaws. Near EF.