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Hendin Plate Coin

5632783. SOLD $1675

JUDAEA, Herodians. Herod III Antipas. 4 BCE-39 CE. Æ Half Unit (18.5mm, 7.27 g, 12h). Struck for Roman Emperor Gaius (Caligula). Tiberias mint. Dated RY 43 (39/40 CE). ΓΑΙΩ/ ΚΑΙCAP/ ΓΕΡΜΑ/ ΝΙΚΩ within wreath / HPWΔHC TETPAPXHC, upright palm frond; L MΓ (date) across field. Meshorer 92; Hendin 6247 (this coin illustrated); RPC I 4935. Gray-green patina, minor roughness. Good VF.

Ex David Hendin Collection.