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IONIA, Ephesus. Nero. As Caesar, AD 50-54. AR Cistophorus (26mm, 11.25 g, 6h). Struck under Claudius, AD 51. NERONI • CLAVD • CAES • DRVSO • GERM, bareheaded and draped bust left / COS DES/ PRINC/ IVVENT in three lines on round shield; all within laurel wreath. RIC I 121 corr. (rev. legend, Claudius, Pergamum); RPC I 2225; RSC 82 corr. (didrachm, Caesarea); BMCRE 236 (Claudius); BN 307 (Pergamum). Light cabinet tone, small banker’s mark on obverse. VF.

Ex Peter Corcoran Collection; Classical Numismatic Group 57 (4 April 2001), lot 1088.