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Papal Medal Altered Into a Marriage Medal


ITALY, Papal (Papal state). Pius VII. 1800-1823. AR Medal (41mm, 31.57 g, 12h). Visit of Pius VII to the Paris Mint. By Droz. Dated L’An 13 and January 1805 (in Roman numerals). PIVS VII P. M. HOS PES NEAPOLIONIS IMP., bust right, wearing Papal tiara and mantum; below, DROZ F./ AN XIII / EN JANVIER MDCCCV./ S.S. PIE VII A VISITÉ/ LA MONNAIE/ DS MEDAILLES., umbrella above, crossed keys below. Edge engraved: G P le Froyer et BC Jaunier Maries 13 Fevrier 1806. Bramsen 409. Toned, hairlines and scattered marks. EF.