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5615340. SOLD $3450

Basil II Bulgaroktonos, with Constantine VIII. 976-1025. AV Histamenon Nomisma (25.5mm, 4.42 g, 6h). Constantinople mint. Struck circa 1005-1025. + IҺS XIS RЄX RЄςNANTIҺm, facing bust of Christ Pantokrator; upturned crescent in upper two quarters of nimbus; pellet on nimbus / + ЬASIL Є COҺSτAҺτIҺ R, crowned half-length busts of Basil, wearing loros and being crowned from above by manus Dei, and Constantine, wearing chlamys, holding long cross between them. DOC 6a; Füeg II 6.B; SB 1800. Hairline die break on obverse, light die marks, lustrous. Choice EF.

Ex European Ambassador Collection.