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LUCANIA, Metapontion. Circa 340-330 BC. AR Nomos (22mm, 7.74 g, 12h). Head of Leukippos right, wearing Corinthian helmet; to left, dog seated left, raising forepaw; [ΛEYKIΠ]ΠOΣ above, Σ below neck truncation / Barley ear with leaf to right; META to left; [to right, bird seated right with open wings above leaf, AMI below]. Johnston Class B, 3.20 (same dies); HN Italy 1576; SNG ANS 445 (same dies); SNG Ashmolean 736 (same dies). Slight die wear, a little off center, minor flan flaw on reverse. Good VF.

Leukippos was revered as the founder of Metapontion, who led a band of Achaean settlers, but little is known about him aside from this. Several figures in Greek mythology and philosophy are named Leukippos, but none seem to be a match for the founder of Metapontion. He is shown here wearing a Corinthian style helmet pushed back on his head, indicating his status as a warrior and leader of men.