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CRUSADERS, Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem. Imitation Bezants. 11th-12th centuries. AV (23mm, 3.63 g, 11h). Imitating a dinar of the Fatimid caliph al-Amir. Acre mint. Second phase, struck 1148/59-1187. Beginning of caliphal titles in two lines, continuation of name and titles in inner margin; mint formula [Misr] and immobilized AH date (AH 534 [AD 1139/40]) in outer margin / al/ghaya in two lines across field, Kalima in inner margin, "Second Symbol" (Quran 9: 33) in outer margin. Balog & Yvon 25; Metcalf, Crusades 126; CCS 3. Toned, traces of deposits, small edge split, evidence of having been placed in a bezel. EF.