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SICILY, Katane. Circa 415/3-403/2 BC. Æ Tetras or Trionkion (14.5mm, 2.22 g, 6h). Horned head of Amenanos left / Winged thunderbolt; three pellets (mark of value) around. CNS 1; HGC 2, 607. Earthen green-brown patina, some smoothing in fields. Near EF.

Katane (modern Catania) was founded circa 730 BC by Chalcidian Greeks on the eastern coast of Sicily, near the base of the active volcano Mount Etna. It soon became a center of learning, home to philosophers, poets and statesmen. Its relations with nearby Syracuse were frequently hostile. In 415 BC, Katane allied itself with Athens during the ill-fated Athenian expedition against Syracuse, the failure of which brought about the city’s plunder by Dionysius I of Syracuse in 403 BC. Carthage captured Katane in 397 BC, but it managed to regain its independence later in the century. It became subject to Rome in 263 BC and grew in prosperity during the later Republic and Empire. The head of the god Amenanos on this coin represents an unusual river that largely runs underground beneath the city.