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Important New Reference on Seals & Tesserae


Boersema, Gert and Bill Dalzell. Roman Lead Tesserae and Seals from the Tom Vossen Collection. Hasselt, 2021. 80 numbered pp. Full color illustrations of 230 seals and tesserae. Hardbound. (R261)

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The Tom Vossen Collection is sure to be an important new reference for collectors of the understudied Roman lead paranumismatica. This volume details 121 tesserae, including pieces from Rome (2), Ostia (one), Egypt (2), and most significantly Asia Minor (91), together with an unparalleled collection of 109 Roman-era lead seals. Many of the pieces are otherwise unpublished. Also included are introductions to both seals and tesserae, as well as extensive bibliographies for each.

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