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MYSIA, Pergamum. Geta. AD 209-211. Æ Medallion (43mm, 48.62 g, 12h). Menogenes the Younger, strategos for the second time. Struck AD 211. · AVTOKPA · KAI · ΠΟΠΛΙOC · CЄΠTI · ΓЄTAC ·, laureate and cuirassed bust right, wearing slight beard; gorgoneion on breastplate / ЄΠI CTP MHNO ΓЄNOVC B NЄOV · ΠЄPΓAMH/NΩN, B ЄOKOPΩ/N in two lines in exergue, Geta right on horseback, preparing to spear bound captive below horse running right with head left; oval shield to immediate left below horse. von Fritze, Pergamon –; cf. SNG BN 2217 corr. (attributed to Caracalla – for obv. [same die]); SNG Leypold –; SNG von Aulock –; CNG 88, lot 883 (same dies). Green patina, uniform surface roughness. VF. Very rare.

The running figure on the reverse of this piece appears to wear Parthian attire, including a Phrygian cap and trousers. Whether this represents the use of a “generic” enemy of a type more familiar in Asia Minor than the Caledonian warriors Geta was actually engaged in fighting at the time, or looks forward to a possible future Severan campaign against the Parthians, is open to speculation.