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THRACO-MACEDONIAN TRIBES, Derrones. Circa 480/75-465 BC. AR Dodekadrachm(?) (32mm, 39.64 g). Uncertain standard. Driver, holding goad in right hand, driving ox cart left; above, crested Corinthian helmet left / Clockwise triskeles; palmette between legs; [all within incuse square]. Peykov A1480; HPM pl. II, 4 = AMNG III 7 = Traité I 1453 (same obv. die as illustrations); cf. HGC 3, 280 and 287; Triton X, lot 127 (same obv. die); CNG 81, lot 261 (same obv. die). Toned, a couple of pits on obverse, a few light scratches on reverse. Good VF. Well struck for this typically crude issue.

Ex Classical Numismatic Group 91 (19 September 2012), lot 102.