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559038. SOLD $450

CRUSADERS, Antioch. Bohémond III. 1163-1201. BI Denier (19mm, 0.94 g, 5h). Class C. Antioch mint. Struck circa 1163-1188. + BOAИVИDVS (sic), bust left, wearing Norman helmet decorated with cross pattée and chainmail coif; star to right; double barred A with annulet at each end; S with pellets / + • AИTIOCИIA • (sic), cross pattée; crescent in second quarter; double barred A with annulet at each end. Metcalf, Crusades 386; cf. CCS 67c (for type). Lightly toned. Good VF. Extremely rare variety with no crescent on the obverse.