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568374. SOLD $4750

NORMAN. Stephen. 1135-1154. AR Penny (21mm, 1.47 g, 9h). Cross Moline ('Watford') type (BMC i). Nottingham mint; Sveinn, moneyer. Struck circa 1136-1145. Crowned bust right, holding lis-tipped scepter; obverse legend partly defaced / + SPEIN : ON : SNOT :, cross moline. Mack 157; SCBI 20 (Mack), 1606 (same dies); North 925/1; SCBC 1286. Dark tone. Good VF. Extremely rare.

Ex Richard Plant Collection.

Interestingly, the erasure of the name present on this example was somehow insufficient for the mint workers, as the obverse die used was further erased before it was used to strike the Mack coin, where the entire right side of the legend is no longer present.