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531562. SOLD $9500

Domitian. As Caesar, AD 69-81. AV Aureus (19mm, 6.77 g, 6h). Rome mint. Struck under Vespasian, AD 76-77. CAESAR AVG F DOMITIANVS, laureate head right / COS IIII, cornucopia, upright, tied round with ribbons which hand down on left and right. RIC II 918 (Vespasian); Calicó 817a; BMCRE 196-7 (Vespasian); BN 175 (Vespasian; same obv. die); Biaggi 395; Jameson 79; Mazzini 46 and 46*. Lustrous, some shallow marks, edge smoothing. Near EF. High-relief portrait in fine early Flavian style.

Ex San Vicente Collection, purchased from Dr. Arnold Saslow, February 1990; Coin Galleries (19 August 1987), lot 11.

Coin struck of Domitian as Caesar under his father Vespasian (AD 69-79) and brother Titus (AD 79-81) depict him with heavy “Flavian” features. Shortly after his acclamation as Augustus, his portrait undergoes a drastic makeover to an idealized effigy. This issue as Caesar bears a strong family resemblance to images of his father and brother, probably more accurately reflecting his true appearence.