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CRUSADERS, Lusignan Kingdom of Cyprus. Henry I. 1218-1253. EL Bezant – Hyperpyron (27mm, 3.82 g, 6h). Type 3B, 2. Christ Pantokrator enthroned facing; barred ư⍛ Ң⍛ across field; stars on throne back / ƌģnʽư⍛ư ʽģҢ ⍛ưPʽư, Henry standing facing, holding long cross with crescent on shaft, and patriarchal cross on globus. M&P Type 3B, 2, 7-8 (dies G/f); Metcalf, Crusades, 636; Schlumberger, pl. VI, 7; CCS 17. Toned. EF. An exceptional example.

Ex Richard A. Jourdan Collection of Medieval European Coins; Baldwin’s 94 (6 May 2015), lot 1046.