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Extremely Rare Visigothic Mint in Portugal


VISIGOTHS, Spain. Leovigild. 568-586. AV Tremissis (17mm, 1.28 g, 6h). Class 2. Elvora mint in Portugal. Struck circa 584. D II LIVVICILDVS, diademed and draped bust right; on drapery, upturned crescents above cross / ELVOR + A RE+, Latin cross pattée set on four steps; ONO. CNV 46; Pliego 52b6 (this coin cited); Miles, Visigoths 36a; MEC 1, 210; ME 73. Lightly toned, minor marks and flan flaws on reverse. Near EF. Extremely rare.

Ex Richard A. Jourdan Collection of Medieval European Coins; Caballero de la Yndias (Part III, Aureo & Calicó, 21 October 2009), lot 1243.