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THESSALY, Larissa. Circa 356-342 BC. AR Stater (24mm, 12.21 g, 1h). Head of the nymph Larissa facing slightly left, hair in ampyx, wearing necklace / Bridled horse prancing right; ΛAPI-ΣAIΩN around. L-S Type 2, Series B, dies O12/R2; BCD Thessaly 304 (same obv. die); HGC 4, 409; SNG Lockett 1571 = Pozzi 1219 (same dies); SNG Berry 540 (same dies). Lightly toned, some smoothing, minor die break and slightly off center on obverse, small area of roughness on reverse. Good VF. Struck in high relief from dies of beautiful style.

Ex Dr. Patrick Tan Collection (Triton XX, 10 January 2017), lot 137; California Collection (Heritage 3037, 4 January 2015), lot 29989.