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494566. Sold For $5500

BRUTTIUM, Kroton. Circa 280-277 BC. AR Nomos (22mm, 6.48 g, 3h). Reduced standard. Eagle standing right, head left, on thunderbolt; KP monogram to left, wreath to right / Tripod with high neck [surmounted by wreaths], legs terminating in lion’s feet; KPO to left; to right, Nike flying left, [placing wreath on tripod]. Attianese 130 corr. (monogram, not K; same obv. die as illustration); HN Italy 2184 corr. (same); SNG ANS 407 (same obv. die); SNG Gale 1100 (same obv. die); SNG Lloyd 630 (same dies); McClean 1733 (same obv. die). Attractive even gray tone with light golden hues around the devices, slight doubling. EF. Overstruck on an uncertain type.

Ex Gasvoda Collection (Triton XXII, 8 January 2019), lot 103; Hess-Divo 329 (17 November 2015), lot 14; Paul H. Gerrie Collection (Triton XII, 6 January 2009), lot 55; Numismatica Ars Classica 23 (19 March 2002), lot 1067.