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517497. Sold For $225

JUDAEA, Procurators. Porcius Festus. 59-62 CE. Æ Prutah (16mm, 2.08 g, 5h). Jerusalem mint. Dated RY 5 of Nero (58/9 CE). NЄP/ωN within wreath / Palm frond; L Є (date) upward to left. Meshorer 345e; Hendin 1351; RPC I 4972. Green-earthen patina. Good VF.

Porcius Festus was named procurator of Judaea by Nero, succeeding Antoninus Felix. He is mentioned in the New Testiment as the magistrate before whom the Apostle Paul had his final hearing in Judaea before being sent to Rome (Acts 25-26). Festus seemingly had difficulty determining what charges should be levied against Paul, ultimately proclaiming: “You have appealed to Caesar? To Caesar you shall go!”