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250277. Sold For $475

EUBOEA, Histiaia. Circa late 4th Century BC. AR Tetrobol (16mm, 2.69 gm). Wreathed head of nymph Histiaia right / ISTI-AIEWN, nymph seated right on galley stern; NIKA. BCD 372 (this coin); Noe, "A Tetrobol of Histiaea," ANSMN 8 (1958), 55-56; Boston MFA 1033 (same dies). Good VF. Artistic dies. Rare

Ex Giessener Münzhandlung 62 (20 April 1993), lot 180.

The NIKA across the furled sail on the reverse commemorates an Athenian naval victory over the Macedonians in 340 BC.