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Summer 2019 Literature Auction, Lot: 191. Estimate $100.

Various authors. Lot of eleven ANS titles. Includes:

Bishop & Holloway. Wheaton College Collection of Greek and Roman Coins

Herbert & Candiotti. The John Max Wulfing Collection. Part I: Greek

Troxell. The Norman Davis Collection

Baldwin, A. The Electrum Coinage of Lampsakos (New York, 1914)

Vlasto, M. TAPAΣ OIKIΣTHΣ [NNM #15] (1922)

Noe, S. A Bibliography of Greek Coin Hoards [NNM #25] (1925)

Ravel, O. The “Colts” of Ambracia [NNM #37] (1928)

Cox, D.H. The Caparelli Hoard [NNM 343] (1930)

Ravel, O. Corinthian Hoards (Corinth and Arta) [NNM #52] (1932)

Cammann, J.B. The Symbols on Staters of Corinthian Type (A Catalogue) [NNM #53] (1932)

Work, E. The Earlier Staters of Heraclea Lucaniae [NNM #91] (1940)

Mosser, S. McA. The Endicott Gift of Greek and Roman Coins. Including the “Catacombs” Hoard [NNM #97] (1941).

Fine condition to Very Fine condition, some aging and pencil notes. Website shipping rates do not apply.

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Summer 2019 Literature Auction, Lot: 191.
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