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506089. Sold For $575

C. Annius T.f. T.n and L. Fabius L.f. Hispaniensis. 82-81 BC. AR Denarius (19mm, 3.85 g, 8h). Mint in northern Italy or Spain. C • ANNIVS • T • F • T • N • PRO • COS • EX • S • C •, draped bust of Anna Perenna right, winged caduceus to left, scales to right / Victory, holding palm frond and reins, driving quadriga right; Q above horses, L • FABI • L • F • HISP in exergue. Crawford 366/1a; Sydenham 748; Annia 2a; RBW 1375 var. (obv. symbol). Choice EF, peripheral striking weakness.

Ex Alan J. Harlan Collection.