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Rare Divus Vespasian Judaea Capta Aureus

CNG 111, Lot: 678. Estimate $5000.
Sold for $16000. This amount does not include the buyer’s fee.

Divus Vespasian. Died AD 79. AV Aureus (18mm, 7.11 g, 5h). “Judaea Capta” commemorative. Rome mint. Struck under Titus, AD 80-81. DIVVS ΛVGVSTVS VESPΛSIΛNUS, laureate head right / EX S C in exergue, slow quadriga left, with tensa (car) in form of small temple, showing front, with pediment and one side; in front, standing figure; on roof, quadriga in center, wreath-bearing Victories to left and right; on side, two standing figures (Mars and Minerva?). RIC II 360 (Titus – R2); Hendin 1580; Calicó 629; BMCRE 118 (Titus); BN 92-3; Biaggi –; Jameson –; cf. Mazzini 146 (Denarius); Heritage 3041, lot 32069 (same dies). In NGC encapsulation, 4277273-002, graded Ch VF(star), Strike: 5/5, Surface: 5/5, Fine Style. Rare.

Ex CGB e-Monnaies 3 (30 June 2015), lot 111.