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CNG 111, Lot: 481. Estimate $200.
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GERMANIA INFERIOR. Æ As (26mm, 10.12 g). Countermarks applied during the reign of Tiberius, AD 14-37. VAR(?) monogram and AVG in rectangular countermark on an as of Augustus. Pangerl 52 and 8 (applied in Gallia Narbonensis). Host Fine, c/ms VF, brown patina.

From the Richard Baker Collection.

This countermark is traditionally attributed to P. Quinctilius Varus, Augustus’ infamous general and governor of Germania, who suffered a devastating defeat when legions under his command were annihilated in the Battle of Teutoberger Forest. However, Martini (Pangerl p. l [for English version]) notes the existence of one example of this countermark applied over a Tiberian TIB stamp from Gaul, indicating that this type must date to after the defeat of Varus. Other suggested interpretations of the monogram include LAP (Legatus Augusti [pro] Praetori), AVR(elius), or V(ictoria) A(ugusta) R(omana), or that it does indeed refer to Governor Varus, but as some sort of posthumous commemorative. None of these explanations is particularly convincing. See Pangerl p. xlvii-li for a detailed discussion of the countermark and its context.