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Research Coins: Printed Auction

Triton XXII, Lot: 706. Estimate $750.
Sold for $900. This amount does not include the buyer’s fee.

PHOENICIA, Aradus. Caracalla. AD 198-217. AR Tetradrachm (26mm, 13.20 g, 1h). Struck AD 215-217. AV K M A A-NTΩNINOC, laureate and cuirassed bust left, with gorgoneion on breastplate, trabea over shoulder / ΔHMAPX ЄΞ VΠATOC T Δ, eagle standing facing, head right, with wings spread, holding wreath in beak; crescent between legs. Prieur 1262; Bellinger 237 var. (rev. legend, eagle’s head to left). EF, lightly toned. Extremely rare with eagle’s head to right, possibly the second known.

From the Michel Prieur Collection. Ex Robert Gait Collection, 930; AstArte News No. 2 (October 1998), lot 108.