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Research Coins: Printed Auction

Triton XXII, Lot: 538. Estimate $2000.
Sold for $6000. This amount does not include the buyer’s fee.

CYRRHESTICA, Hierapolis. Julia Domna. Augusta, AD 193-217. AR Tetradrachm (24mm, 12.16 g, 2h). Struck AD 215-217. IOVΛIA ΔOMNA AVΓOCTA, draped bust right, wearing stephane, set on crescent / ΔHMAPX Є-Ξ VΠ[ATOC TO Δ], Atargatis, wearing tall headdress, chiton and peplos, seated on lion advancing right, holding long scepter in left hand. Prieur 924 (this coin illustrated); Bellinger 93; C. van Hoof, “Syrische Tetradrachmenprägung der römischen Kaiserzeit: Ein neuer Schatzfund,” JNG XXXVI (1986), p. 125, 179 (this coin, illustrated on pl. 15). VF, toned, light porosity. Extremely rare, this coin 1 of 3 cited by Prieur, 1 additional in CoinArchives.

From the Michel Prieur Collection. Previously from a hoard in trade that was made available to the Institut für Alte Geschichte, Universität des Saarlandes for documentation, and published by Christine van Hoof.

A great rarity of the Syro-Phoenician tetradrachm series and one of only a few so-called “presentation issues” to honor Julia Domna. Commenting on this type, Prieur notes: “There is an interesting parallel between the representation of the empress as Selene, with her bust over a crescent, and the newly introduced antoniniani. When Caracalla and Julia Domna left Rome in early 214 for Antioch, they decided upon the creation of the antoninianus...this may explain the use of this obverse for the presentation issue.”