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Pedigreed to 1906

Triton XXII, Lot: 409. Estimate $4000.
Sold for $5500. This amount does not include the buyer’s fee.

PTOLEMAIC KINGS of EGYPT. Ptolemy II Philadelphos, with Arsinöe II, Ptolemy I, and Berenike I. 285-246 BC. AV Half Mnaïeion – ‘Tetradrachm’ (19.5mm, 13.86 g, 12h). Alexandreia mint. Struck circa 272-261/0 BC. Conjoined busts of Ptolemy II and Arsinöe II right; Ptolemy is diademed and draped, Arsinöe is diademed and veiled; AΔEΛΦΩN above, shield to left / Conjoined busts of Ptolemy I and Berenike I; Ptolemy is diademed and draped, Berenike is diademed and veiled; ΘEΩN above. CPE 314; Svoronos 604; Olivier & Lorber dies 22/66, 302 corr. (this coin, not Benha 25); SNG Copenhagen 133; Adams III 2084; Boston MFA 2275; Dewing 2753-4; Noeske 38. VF, deposits, a few marks and light scratches.

From the collection of a Northern California Gentleman. Ex Jules Furthman Collection (Kosoff, 13 October 1965), lot 82; J. Hirsch XXXIII (17 November 1913), lot 952; J. Hirsch XVI (5 December 1906), lot 690.