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Ex Brand, Lockett, and Pozzi Collections

Triton XXII, Lot: 315. Estimate $5000.
Sold for $8500. This amount does not include the buyer’s fee.

SELEUKID EMPIRE. Demetrios I Soter. 162-150 BC. AR Tetradrachm (32mm, 16.67 g, 12h). Antioch on the Orontes mint. Undated issue, struck circa 162–155/4 BC. Diademed head right within laurel wreath / BAΣIΛEΩΣ ΔHMHTPIOY, Tyche, fully clothed, holding scepter in extended left hand and cradling cornucopia in right arm, seated left on throne supported by tritoness right; monogram to outer left. SC 1638.1f; SMA 87; HGC 9, 795f; SNG Lockett 3134 = Pozzi 2972 (this coin). EF, deep cabinet tone.

From the MNL Collection. Ex Nomos FPL (Winter-Spring 2011), no. 82; Virgil M. Brand Collection (Hess-Leu 31, 6 December 1966), lot 518; Richard Cyril Lockett Collection (Greek Part IV, Glendining, 21 February 1961), lot 2593; Prof. S. Pozzi Collection (Naville I, 14 March 1921), lot 2972.