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Awarded to Doulton & Co (Ltd)


FRANCE, Troisième République. 1870-1940. AV Medal (36.5mm, 26.12 g, 12h). Prize Awarded to MM. Doulton et Cie for Céramique Vernissée (Glazed Pottery). By Alfred Borrel (1836-1927). Dated 1897. HORTORVM CVLTVRA, Horticulture, nude but for drapery around waist, standing slightly left and leaning on herm and holding wreath in each hand; vegetation to left at feet; herm surmounted by head of Pan and base entwined with grape vine; spade leaning against herm; A · BORREL in exergue / (rosette) SOCIÉTÉ NATIONALE D’HORTICULTURE DE FRANCE, MM./DOULTON et Cie/(spacer)/CÉRAMIQUE/VERNISSÉE/(spacer)1897 engraved in seven lines. Edge: cornucopia and OR. Forrer I 107. EF, light toning on reverse. Comes with original case of issue.