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INDIA, Kushan Empire. Kanishka I. Circa AD 127-151. AV Dinar (20mm, 7.93 g, 12h). Main mint in Baktria (Balkh?). Early phase. ÞAONANOÞAO KA NhÞKI KOÞANO, Kanishka, diademed and crowned, standing facing, head left, holding goad and scepter, sacrificing over altar to left; flame at shoulder / NANA up left, Nana, nimbate, wearing fillet and crescent, standing right, holding scepter and box; tamgha to right. MK 35 (O13/R3 [unlisted die combination]); ANS Kushan 370; Donum Burns 117 (same rev. die). Good VF, areas of light toning.

Ex François Righetti Collection; Triton XIII (5 January 2010), lot 268.